Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favorite Horror Movie Moments-Part 1

I'm a few days late with this post. My goal was to post every Monday this month leading up to Halloween. The rest of the posts will go on as such, but this one is just late. **Le sigh**

I will post clips of some of my favorite scenes from horror films that I adore.

I mentioned Night of the Demons (1988) before. I have an absolute favorite scene in this movie. And since, I couldn't find just those few minutes, I have included a really long clip, but will direct you to the exact moment of which I speak. So, here we go:

Skip ahead to 3:22 minutes. It's a little ahead of my favorite part, but I wanted you all to get the gist of the scene when Roger and Judy are confronted by the demons. My exact favorite part is at 4:17 minutes, when Roger begins to shake his head, and what he does after that. Even though it is horror, I always get a big laugh from that particular instant. Enjoy!

And oh, you should watch the entire film, so I suggest you don't watch the rest of the clip unless you have seen the movie in its entirety. It's a classic. :-D


Kev D. said...


Too bad the rest of the series was so bad. I saw the third one a while ago, on sale in a bargain bin for 3 bucks.

I want my 3 bucks back.

Charles Gramlich said...

Great movie. I remember how well done it was. A favorite moment for me is in "The Thing," when the head is crawling down the hall and one of the characters sees it and says: "you've got to be effing kiddin." Perfect.

Robin said...

The poor demons. They lost their prey and turned to smoke. It made me sad.

Tyhitia Green said...


Yeah, you're right. Part two was okay to me because Angela was still there, but I really can't stand the rest. :-D


I love THE THING too. I can't believe they remade it. O.o



laughingwolf said...

so... boring!

mixing vampire/demon/zombie lore, all confusing...

where are the 'scare' factors?

Tyhitia Green said...

It's splatter-gore from the 80's, not a psychological thriller. Horror comes in all bags. I love this movie.