Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Bloggerversary!

Hi guys. I just wanted to let you guys know that it's my one year blog anniversary. The official date was yesterday, but I couldn't get to a computer, so I'm posting it today! Yay! Celebrate with me if you will!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol-Season 7

In honor of American Idol's Season 7 premiere tonight, I just couldn't help but share this little gem that was e-mailed to me sometime last year. I'm not endorsing any reality show, whatsoever. I only watch Idol during the first few weeks so that I can laugh at all the awful singers who audition and get upset even though they suck.

This clip is from the Malaysian Idol (yes, several countries have them now!). This guy is trying his hand at BILLIE JEAN. Talk about scary! He looks scary and sounds scary. Come to think of it, he actually looks like one of the zombies from Michael Jackson's video, THRILLER. Most likely he just couldn't get any work after the video and just decided to audition for Idol. LOL. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cursed Day Job!

First of all, Happy New Year again---I'm back! As for my topic, I'm sure every writer out there wishes that he/she could write full time and not have to worry about working, but it's just not a reality when you have bills to pay. Unless you're lucky enough to have someone else to pay your bills for you. I work and write full time. I am unpublished but I write every day so that that will change.

Working at a stressful job is quite draining and it tries to stifle your creativity. Notice I said, "tries" to stifle. You cannot allow the work day to ruin your writing at night or whenever you write. You have to relax and realize your dreams. Don't get me wrong, sometimes writers feel A LOT like this at work:

I promised myself that I wouldn't make any resolutions because most people never keep them, but since my other writer friends have posted theirs, I'll post what my plans are for 2008. These are in no way resolutions, just goals:
1.) Polish my completed novel (which I am almost done with!)
2.) Give to betas (who will edit thoroughly)
3.) Query agents (and get one this year)
4.) Get a book deal? (hopefully)
Numbers 1 & 2 are the easy part, 3 & 4, not so much, but I believe in my work and as Miss Snark would say, "Good writing trumps all!" With that being said, go forth and follow your dreams, whether you're a writer or not! :*)