Thursday, July 30, 2009

What the Jack??

Some things never cease to amaze me. I just read this story about a man who is on the sex offender registry in South Carolina for doing this: OMG. Of course he should be on the sex offender registry list, but will there be a new one created just for people like him? You have to read it. I don't even want to type what he did. Although the story is sick---I'm sorry, but I laughed. You have to read it. And please remember that this guy is mentally ill and it's thought that he was off his medication for a while, according to other sources.

I can honestly say that as a former mental health counselor, none of my mentally ill clients ever did anything remotely close to this. I thank God that I function in my right mind. Visit a mental hospital sometime, you'll agree.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Eat That!!!

Hi. Have you ever wondered about foods you should and should not eat? Of course---we all do at one time or another. I recently read a warning about MSG in most of our food here in the U.S. A very famous fast-food chicken restaurant was named, and it was mentioned that no one should EVER eat anything from said restaurant.

Yeah, I'm terrible. Just ate lunch there today. x-/ Well, at least I didn't want what this guy named Freddy craved.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Escape With the 7!!!

Yay! I won a contest from the ladies at EscapeWiththe7 website! I won a wonderful prize pack, people, let me tell you. Some other folks won a copy of a book or other prizes. I. Won. All. Seven. Books! What a reward for returning to the Internet! Some of these books were on my TBR list already. I don't own any copies yet. I actually never heard of a few of the novels, but now I've been introduced to the works of all of these wonderful authors. I'm so happy, can't you tell? :-) I'll list these wonderful, talented, authors for you.

Aprilynne Pike is the author of the best-selling debut, WINGS. (Okay, bias on my part by listing her first since I "met" Aprilynne a few years ago on :-)

Carrie Ryan is the debut author of the Teen Book Video Award 2008 Finalist, THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH. (Okay, more bias on my part since Carrie is a fellow South Carolinian) :-)

Saundra Mitchell is the debut author of the hit novel, SHADOWED SUMMER.

Sarah MacLean is the debut author of the smash YA regency historical called THE SEASON.

R. J. Anderson is the debut author of the "spellbinding" novel, FAERY REBELS: SPELL HUNTER.

Sarah Cross is the debut author of the riveting YA novel, DULL BOY.

Sarah Rees Brennan is the debut author of the "fiery" novel, THE DEMON'S LEXICON.

So go forth and buy the works of these wonderful authors. Enjoy their work! I know I will. :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm back! Yay! It's so weird to go several months without Internet service when you are used to using it on a daily basis. What's weirder still is having to go to the local library, use their service for a specified amount of time, and sit next to a random, scary guy in a greasy t-shirt who keeps grinning at you. **Shudder**

A great deal has taken place in my absence. I know I'm late, but Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett died. Tragic. But what's more, two of my most favorite celebrities passed away as well.

Michael Jackson was one of my favorite entertainers growing up. I had his albums, even a Michael Jackson doll. I will truly miss him. R.I.P. M.J.

Bea Arthur, a.k.a, Dorothy Zbornak, was my favorite 'Golden Girl'. Maybe it was her quick wit or her ability to make everything funny. I am collecting the entire Golden Girls series. It still cracks me up. I even get D.H. to watch it with me. I will really miss her work. R.I.P. Bea!

In other news, there was a serial killer in my state. He killed five people in S.C. Check it out here:
Serial Killer. What's worse, I was in that area for the first time, not knowing there was a psycho somewhere waiting in the bushes. What the jack?!

In any case, I'm glad to be back with you guys. Now I'm off to check out your blogs. :-)