Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Next Big Thing?

There have been blockbuster, best-selling novels for decades, but the franchise that has grossed the most money is the Harry Potter series. It is known around the world.

Most writers would love to have their series or stand alone novels soar as this series did--and continues to do.

Genre fiction (horror, fantasy, and sci-fi) seems to have gained in popularity the last decade or so, i.e. the Twilight series, Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood), The Hunger Games, Marvel comic superhero movies, etc.

I am enjoying it all because I love these genres.

So, what do you guys think--what do you think will be the next big thing?


Anthony Lee Collins said...

As long as it's not vampires. I'm sick of vampires.

Well, except for Let the Right One In. And except for the upcoming Dark Shadows movie.

But other than that, let's move on to something else. Maybe even... something original!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be this Charles Allen Gramlich guy. Yeah, pretty sure. :)

Tiyana, aka "Yoyo" said...

Hi, Tyhitia. I'm pretty much with Anthony: so long as it's not vampires, I'm good. lol

Hmm... I think it would be kind of cool to see some of Cherie Priest's novels be made into movies. Outrageous steampunk zombie adventures, ftw!

Marcia Colette said...

I'd love to see a sci-fi franchise become the next big thing. We haven't had one for a while now. Granted, there was ET and possibly Aliens and Firefly, but I'm talking Star Wars magnitude.

Robin said...

I still feel sad that Harry's adventures are over. That was fun. My kids were the perfect age, too.

I'm voting for zombies as the next big thing. They creep me out, though. I'm going to try to like them, so I'm not left behind the next big craze.

Tyhitia Green said...

I think vampires come and go. I love vampires, but novels and movies (especially novels) are saturated with them. I like the really scary ones, personally. Not the cute, cuddly ones.

LOL. You may be right. ;-)

Which book is that by Cherie?

Very interesting. I loved the Spielberg movie Super 8, by the way.

Harry Potter was cool. Granted, I haven't seen all the movies yet. :-D And I loooove zombies!

Tiyana, aka "Yoyo" said...

Well, she's got a couple with zombies, or rather "rotters," in them now, haha: Boneshaker and Dreadnought. (Clementine was another good one, though no zombies.) All of them are a hoot, though I enjoyed Clementine and Dreadnought the most. (She also has Ganymede coming out pretty soon, which I'm looking forward to. ^_^)

Oh yeah! More on zombies...World War Z is supposed to be coming out as a movie in 2012, as well, with Brad Pitt playing a lead role. I haven't read the novel yet, but I've heard good things!

thegirlinthesoapdish said...

Hmm, good question. I think we are going to see the resurgence of Western hybrids. Also, steampunk seems to be growing in popularity. With the way technology invades our lives every day now, I think there is still a lot of curiosity and fear surrounding it. Steampunk would probably address this.

Tyhitia Green said...

I love zombies and I cannot wait to read World War Z and see the movie! And I can't wait to read Cherie's Priests' books as well. :-D

I'm not big on steampunk. Maybe I'll find something that I like. :-D