Monday, May 3, 2010

The Best Show on TV

Supernatural, a series on the CW, has been my favorite show for the past five years. When I first saw the preview for it in 2005, I knew that I had found the next best thing since Buffy. If you have never seen demon-hunting brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester in action, you need to see this show. Fans of horror, fantasy, or just about any genre will love this series. Oh, and the show airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Supernatural is nearing the end of its fifth season. Series creator Eric Kripke only planned for five seasons. But, with the show's popularity, the CW will continue it for another season. Eric will step down as the day-to-day showrunner, but will still play a major role in the show.

TNT is now airing reruns of the show (10 and 11 a.m. Mon-Fri.) and they are currently into season 2. If you still need convincing on the awesomeness of this show, check out this very short preview. It gives me the chills. Oh, and that song--love it. I love this show! :-D


Charles Gramlich said...

I haven't seen even one episode, although I bet I would have liked it. it's on at a time that Lana is usually watching some of her shows.

stu said...

I've been finding this season a little slower than usual, for some reason.

K.Hinny said...

I've never seen SUPERNATURAL yet, I'm working on it. :D thanks for the reminder, hope the next season is as good as the rest for you!

Robin said...

OMG! This is my favorite show, too! I thought they were backing themselves into a corner, with the whole, uh, "L gets out" thing, but I love the crazy, mean angels. They rock! My older son is addicted with me.

Harry Markov said...

I am agreeing with that statement, but up to the fourth season. Season five is crap. They muddled it down to a pale version of season one.

Denice said...

I absolutely freaking agree! It is next best thing to Buffy. The characters are so multi-dimensional and vulnerably real I find myself thinking that one of these days I'll meet Sam and Dean.

Don said...

Add me to the list of those who have yet to see a single episode but I do have a feeling that I am missing out.

Demon Hunter said...

I think you would like this show. :-D

Not me. I love it. :-D

I hope next season can hold a candle to what's been presented so far. ;-)

OMG. I knew there was I reason I liked you. ;-)

Blasphemy. LOL. What? Are you kidding? Are we watching the same show. I love this season. ;-)

Aren't they awesome. I hope to make my characters that real and rich. ;-) Come back and visit us. :-D

You need to go back and watch it. Even though you aren't fond of the creepy things. LOL. ;-)

laughingwolf said...

i saw it a few times when i was still watching tv, and found it up and down, storywise... though the concept was good

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Like you, SUPERNATURAL, is one of my favorite shows. Unlike you, I have to wait until the season DVD's come out. But that means I can follow the sub-plots much easier.

I write modern supernatural novels so of course it is understandable why I like this program. Ladies I am sure are also drawn by the two handsome leading men.

Come drop by my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, if you have the time and the inclination, Roland

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

This is exactly the sort of thing I love. And yet, I've never seen a single episode. How bizarre. Granted, I watch very little television. But still, you'd think after five seasons, I'd have watched one episode. I mean, two hot guys in an fantasyish setting? Hm, it's time I check this out.

Tekoa said...

My mom used to watch this show all the time, and I vaguely remember seeing a little bit of it, and liked it. I took your advice about Heroes, and loved the show, so I'll try this out too. Thanks.

Harry Markov said...

Yes, the same show. They gained so much momentum in terms of power and positioning the brothers against each other and well season five starts with a very lame deus ex machina way to save them. Not to mention that instead of tackling the big problem they revert back to monster of the week model...

And god, even Paris Hilton was in it...

Bernita said...

Thank you for the reminder, been meaning to watch it!

Demon Hunter said...

I love it. I have no complaints. :-D

Thanks for stopping by. :-D Supernatural is indeed my favorite show. :-D

Let me know what you think when you do. ;-)

You'll love it. I think I told your mom about the show. LOL. :-D

Paris Hilton aside **shudders**, I think that the "monster-of-the-week" focus helped to add to what all things involving the apocalypse. It may not have seemed like it, but all 22 episodes related to the big picture in some way, IMHO. Eric Kripke is genius as far as I'm concerned. :-D

You'll be pleased. :-D

raine said...

Will try to check it out, looks interesting. :)

Jess Haines said...

I've been hearing really great things about this show. After that preview, methinks I need to add it to my Netflix... *g*


Christina said...

Sometimes I watch Supernatural with Emory. The stories I catch are pretty interesting.

beth said...

I have heard so many good things about this show; I'll try to get it on DVD.

Demon Hunter said...

It's the best. :-D

Put it on Netflix. ;-)

And you're not hooked yet? :-D

Make sure you do. ;-)

Marcia Colette said...

I have been meaning to get into this and haven't had the chance...until TNT started showing the reruns. Man, why couldn't they show them when I was on maternity leave? Anytime I work from home, I don't miss an episode. What's even better about it is I don't have to wait a week for the next episode. :D