Thursday, July 9, 2009

Escape With the 7!!!

Yay! I won a contest from the ladies at EscapeWiththe7 website! I won a wonderful prize pack, people, let me tell you. Some other folks won a copy of a book or other prizes. I. Won. All. Seven. Books! What a reward for returning to the Internet! Some of these books were on my TBR list already. I don't own any copies yet. I actually never heard of a few of the novels, but now I've been introduced to the works of all of these wonderful authors. I'm so happy, can't you tell? :-) I'll list these wonderful, talented, authors for you.

Aprilynne Pike is the author of the best-selling debut, WINGS. (Okay, bias on my part by listing her first since I "met" Aprilynne a few years ago on :-)

Carrie Ryan is the debut author of the Teen Book Video Award 2008 Finalist, THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH. (Okay, more bias on my part since Carrie is a fellow South Carolinian) :-)

Saundra Mitchell is the debut author of the hit novel, SHADOWED SUMMER.

Sarah MacLean is the debut author of the smash YA regency historical called THE SEASON.

R. J. Anderson is the debut author of the "spellbinding" novel, FAERY REBELS: SPELL HUNTER.

Sarah Cross is the debut author of the riveting YA novel, DULL BOY.

Sarah Rees Brennan is the debut author of the "fiery" novel, THE DEMON'S LEXICON.

So go forth and buy the works of these wonderful authors. Enjoy their work! I know I will. :-)


Verbal Vixen said...

Congrats on the win, very nice!

And it is good to see you around, too. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

You lucky cuss. ;) Enjoy

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Congrats on the win. Thanks for stopping by, and give heed to your voice!

chayoma said...

maybe this luck will rub off on me.

Demon Hunter said...

Thanks. It's good to see you as well. :-)

I know! I will! :-D

Thanks! :-)

I tried to leave a comment on your blogger, but word verification would not allow me to type anything. After several tries, I gave up. But do come back by. :-)

Rick said...

You are so perky sounding today! I guess that comes with winning. ;) Anyway, congrats, and I'll check out the books.

laughingwolf said...

grats t... but when will you find time to read, you newlywed you? :O lol

writtenwyrdd said...

Of the seven, I've only read Demon's Lexicon but I liked it. Some of the others are on my tbr list, too.

Qucifer said...


Baby I Ain't shit I KNOW I said I was coming then I got wrapped up in some B.s

But I'm here and I'm SO adding this RAT NOAH! to my list (the authors too)

Hugs and Contrition!

David L. McAfee said...

Welcome back, tyhitia. :) Good to see you blogging again. :)

Tekoa said...

What? No pictures of the books? You could've at least posted pics of the books, along with the box they were shipped in!! I love brand new, crisp, never been opened, hard-back books, *sigh*.

Demon Hunter said...

Winning 7 books at once will do that to a person. Check them out! :-)

I'll make time to read. LOL. :-)

I can't wait to read them all. :-)

You're okay. At least you finally did come over. :-)

Thanks, pal. :-)

I have to take a pic with the books and send it to the ladies for their website. You can see it over there. You know I don't like to take pics. :-P```

Marcia Mickelson said...

You won!! That's so exciting. I entered too and knew there would be no chance. nice for you. Yay.

Dwane T. said...

Yaaaaaaayyyy! Congrats on the win... and thanks for calling me on my long time no write. As always, you've inspired me and I'm going to get back to work.

Robin said...

They all sound awesome! Now that I've got a groovy Kindle, it's disgustingly easy to order stuff. Those Amazon guys are disciples of Satan.

Demon Hunter said...

I did not think I would win either, but I did. And I'm enjoying reading these books! :-)

Awww. Thanks. :-) Happy to be of assistance.

LOL. Exactly! I don't have kindle yet. Probably never will. I always tell people that technology is evil, but they don't believe me. :-D