Monday, November 14, 2011

Too Much?

I love to read--period. I read in all genres, age groups, etc. I am reading several series as well, in various genres. So many books, so little time. :-/

I was thinking the other day about when a writer should end a series? Just wrap up the characters' lives, predicaments, relationships, etc. As a writer, I have had to think about this for my own work because I'm working on the first in a series as well.

This very topic has been discussed on numerous discussion boards. But as readers, I'd like to know what you guys think. When is enough enough?


Judaye said...

I read Orson Scott Card's Ender series and am wishing J.K. Rowling would do more with Harry Potter. Rowling seems bored with Potter. When the writer is tired of a character or story it is time for the story to end.

But then..

What if the public wants more? I remember reading somewhere Doyle stopped writing Sherlock Holmes and then brought him back due to public demand.

The writer has the final say on this subject in my opinion.

stu said...

My feeling with series is that the moment a book exists solely because it is the next one in a series, that is the time to wrap things up. If it can't stand alone, walk away.

In fact, it may be better not to think in terms of a series per se. Instead, just have a sequel to a great stand alone book. Then another sequel, then another...

Charles Gramlich said...

I think it's so subjective. I wanted more Harry Potter as well, but I thought John D. MacDonald chose to close up the Travis McGee series at the right time. I do like to see a series have closure though. Those open ended series lose me eventually

Tyhitia Green said...

You're right. When a writer feels the story should end, then it should. Or if it should continue, then they should keep it going.

Books should stand alone, I agree. But in terms of series, publishers want to know up front if you have a series in mind, so that they can purchase them from you accordingly and for marketing purposes, etc.

It is subjective, but some people go on forever. They all have to end to avoid too many books, IMHO.

Marcia Colette said...

When the writer doesn't want to do anymore, that's when they need to end a series. Otherwise, the next book they do will just be done to to finish off a contract and the reader will know. It's best to end on a high note rather than a sour one because you risk the chance of alienating fans with your next book.

raine said...

When the author has tired of writing it, or the readers have tired of reading it, or the characters have nothing new to say.

Tyhitia Green said...

I agree. I am trying to avoid anything like that.

Some people don't get that.

laughingwolf said...

it's OVER when the WRITER says it's over... old saw is right: can't get blood out of a stone

forcing more out of a writer usually results in a less-than-satisfying tale, no one wants... something non-writers do not understand....

Robin said...

It's never enough with a series I love! I just ordered Brandon Sanderson's new "Mistborn" book. Since he sort of destroyed and remade the world, he had to go back to before his series. I'm happy he did!

Is it just me, or does anyone else want another "Twilight" book? If only they could resist creating awful movies out of them.

Tyhitia Green said...

Laughing Wolf,
I agree. I've seen some series that should have ended long ago. Ack. And some books that should have been stand alones.

I've never read Sanderson's work, but I've heard of him though. It sounded interesting. I may check him out.

As for the other series you mentioned, I'll pass. LOL. :-D